The Perfect Guide of Best Shower Arm Reviews

Showers have become everyday activities, it is very important to keep you healthy and fresh. If you are a busy man, take a bath under the shower is a good choice because it is faster than if you do it on the bathtub. To get the best experience in shower you need to install the appropriate shower arm and shower head. It may look simple but sometime, it is important to determine your comfort in the bathroom. This article will show you the advantages of using the tool and give you review of five best shower arms available in the market.

Best shower arm comparison list

ImageProductHeight IncreaseRatingPrice
Danze D481116 13 Inch S ShapeDanze D481116 13-Inch S-ShapeApprox 12 Inch4.6$
Moen S113Moen S113 Waterhill 14 InchApprox 2.5 Inch4.6$$
Delta Faucet UA902 PKDelta Faucet UA902-PK Universal 10 InchUp to 9 Inch4.2$
Delta RP61273Delta RP61273 Addison 15 InchApprox 2 Inch4.5$
American Standard 1660.198.224American Standard 1660.198.224 12-Inch Wall MountApprox 4 Inch5.0$
Danco 27042ADanco 27042A S Shower Arm with FlangeApprox 11 Inch4.5$
Danze D481144Danze D481144 15-Inch SiriusApprox 9 Inch4.0$$
MODONA AC42 AS Inch ShapedMODONA AC42-AS-Inch ShapedApprox 6 Inch5.0$

What is Best Shower Arm

Shower arm is a pipe that connects your showerhead to the wall. It may look simple but if you are a tall people, it can be a problem if the water just flow from your chest and do not reach your head. You need higher shower so that the water can reach your entire body from head to toe. Although it is just a small accessory to your bathroom, you need to choose carefully to make it suits your bathroom design. This bathroom tool sold in the market with various style, size, and shape. They are available at a price from $14 to $100.

Advantages of Best Shower Arm

By using this kind of additional tool, you will get more space in your bathroom. You do not need to get close to the wall every time. It will be easier to you to move your hand and get soap or shampoo without disruption of the water hoses. Some of them come in flexible design that makes you able to move the shower up and down. You can adjust the height of the shower so it is perfect for you if your family members have different height. Nowadays, many people also use shower arm for style. Placing the right accessory in your bathroom design can add a luxury charm to your bathroom.

The Reviews of the top 5 shower arm

#1 Danze D481116 13″ S Shaped

Danze D481116The first product you have to check if you need a solid and durable shower arm is the Danze D481116. Produced by one of the best bath accessories maker in the United States, this 13 inches S Shaped additional tool is the key to get a magnificent shower sensation. With 13 inches of length, it can increase the height of your showerhead for about 12 inches from the bottom of the flange. This S shaped tool made of solid brass and processed by modern processing technology. Surely, this product is very strong and it will last a long time. This tool comes with four color options that are Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, and Polished Brass PVD. It is very interesting. You can match the color of the shower arm with the color your bathroom wall or mix it with your showerhead to get a better look.

#2 Moen S113 Waterhill 14″

Moen S113 WaterhillIf the first product review is talked about the S shaped shower arm, this second review will give you different shape that could be an option for you. This product comes in a hook shape. The shape of the most shower arm available in the market. Simple and elegant, that is the two right words to describe how the Moen S113 Waterhill displayed in the bathroom. Comes with five different color, this bathroom tool looks nice paired with whatever showerhead you have. With the dimension of 13.6 in length and 9.2 in height, it can be placed in a bathroom with a limited area. So, if your house only left a limited space for bathroom, this is the best product for you. The limitation of the space should not make you lose the comfort sensation of bathing.

#3 American Standard 1660.198.224 12″ Shepherd’s Crook

American Standard 1660.198.224Another hook shaped shower arm which is available widely on the market at an affordable price is American Standard 1660.198.002 12″ Shepherd’s Crook. Its high quality body is made of durable brass and is covered by either chrome or bronze, depending on the color you choose. The simple and wall mounted design makes you easier to install it on your bathroom wall. You can just mount it and do not need to buy flange. It has 12.6 inches in length, a little bit shorter than the Moen S113, you have to get closer to the wall but it fits virtually with all types of showerheads. American standard is well known as a maker of high quality bathroom appliances; surely, you will definitely get a good product. You can also get warranty by calling the customer service. This tool is now available in the market at $78.00.

#4 Danze D481144 15″ Sirius

Danze D481144Another great product from Danze, unlike the Danze D481116, Danze D481144 15″ Sirius Shower Arm comes with modern design and extension feature. Its extension increases the range of the showerhead 15 inches from the wall. It will create more space to you and maximize the water shower. Made of solid brass construction, you can get it for $77. It is a very good price for this high quality bathroom accessory. This Danze’s product is available in two colors, brushed nickel and chrome. It will give a modern impression to your bathroom. Nowadays, modern and minimalist design is widely used for bathroom design. This thing also has the wall-mounted feature, it is only need 10 minutes and you will get this thing placed on your bathroom wall. People tend to use a wall mounted shower arm because it is easy to be overhauled. Danze also give you warranty if you call the customer service.

#5 MODONA AC42-AS-Inch Shaped

MODONA AC42-AS-InchWith a beautiful design, MODONA AC42-AS-Inch will be a great choice to your bathroom. Made of brass and polished by chrome, this thing will make your bathroom looks elegant. Modona Bathroom Company sold this product for only $24.99, included flange. It is very cheap. With the dimension of 13.5 inches in Length and 10.5 inches in height, this S shaped shower arm will add at least 6 inches to your current showerhead height. This beautiful bathroom accessory is simple yet attractive. It is perfect if you want to change your low showerhead with a higher one. With a very high body, before you buy this product, you need to make sure you have at least 10 inches room available from the position of your current shower to the ceiling. Unfortunately, there is only one color for this product, but chrome is a neutral color that can be combined with other colors.

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