Best Shower Head Speaker Reviews

Bathing experience is always reaching its best part when there are music’s played around. The old ways of enjoying music while bath up is turning on music player near the bathroom loudly. It is okay when there is no one in the house. However, it can disturb your family members as well. Other alternative solution is to use the waterproof music player and speaker. Somehow, it is so expensive and also not practical for used in bathroom activities. Now it come the best shower head speaker. It is a form of speaker that is added on the shower head.

Best shower head speaker list

KOHLER K 9245 CPKOHLER K-9245-CP 2.5 GPM Moxie Showerhead and Wireless SpeakerBluetooth4.3$$$
Facilla Modern 8 ABS Rain ShowerFacilla Modern 8inch ABS Rain Shower Head Wireless Speaker BluetoothBluetooth4.6$$
Bluetooth Wireless Music and PhoneBluetooth Wireless Music and Phone Shower Head SpeakerBluetooth5.0$$
AquaAudio Mini UltraAquaAudio Mini Ultra Portable Waterproof BluetoothBluetooth speaker3.7$

What is Shower Head Speaker

This technology is recently introduced by many of home utilities manufacturer. Amazingly, people are responses with great arguments. Most of people are wanted these shower head speaker for sure. It is such a speaker that is implemented on shower head and can produce sounds as well as the common speaker. The thing that contains inside is just the speaker. You cannot find any memory or players inside. To deliver music, you can use Bluetooth connectivity for the shower speaker. This kind of speaker is really practical to be used because you will not need to carry it here and there. Just turn on your shower and speaker and be ready to enjoy your favorite music.

Advantages of Shower Head Speaker

Lots of advantages are also given by these unique bathroom utilities. You are offered a music which comes out from your shower head. It is very awesome because you can make your bathing activity much more comfortable. You can even enjoy the music as long as you are showering your body. You can also hear radio, recording and everything that are capable to be spreader through Bluetooth. It gives music directly to your ears. Just make the playlist and have incredible bathing activities without any complicated steps. It is the newest generation of playing music in the dream and lovely bathroom.

Reviews of the Top 5 Shower Head Speaker

#1 H2oVibe Rain with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

H2oVibe Rain ShowerheadConsidering the best stuff to be installed to your bathroom is something that should be planned carefully. You will need to apply things that are pretty impressive in order to maintain comfort in the bathroom. One of the ways is to choose H2oVibe Rain Showerhead as your bathing partner. It is a device that will produce music through the speaker inside. Music that you are playing can be directed well through the Smartphone that you have. This kind of shower head speaker costs $49.95. The price is really cheap if compared with any other speakers that are sold in the market. The size is ultra wide and produce rain spray without any trouble. It is available to reach all your body area. The noise reduction is also added so that you can enjoy the music without having any noisy water spray sounds. This shower has 3 times spray than the other shower head that are easily found.

#2 Knox MusicJet Bluetooth Shower Head Reviews

Knox MusicJetTo build more minimalist sensation for the bathroom interior, you will need a shower head speaker that has special color touch. As the solution, you have to take a look at Knox MusicJet. It is one of the speakers that are coming together with the shower. It has incredible appearance and design that can provide extra comfort and experience for you. This device has green rim and white circle lining that give extra modern and minimalist feel. The speakers are totally waterproof and are capable to be connected through Bluetooth. You can play the music from phone, music player and even laptops. There is battery with high capacity to give you freedom in using this speaker. You can even communicate using this shower because it also has small sized mic instead. It is supported with 88 angled nozzles that give full body coverage with impressive spray power for fulfilling your needs.

#3 AquaAudio Mini Waterproof Speaker

AquaAudio MiniAre you tired with the presence of shower head speakers? Do you want to move your sound income to any side of bathroom that you want? If you are wanted to do that, so AquaAudio Mini is your best answer. It is such a portable speaker that has suction cup on the back of the design. It means that you can stick the speaker anywhere in the bathroom area. There is couple of amazing features that you can get from this tiny sized speaker. You can have Bluetooth connectivity to connect the speaker to phone. Alternatively, you can also use Siri as well. You can even use the mic for a hands free telephone connection when you are bathing. It also gain multiple possibilities such as used as media player. You can even skip songs and click forward, back, play and pausing options right from the speaker. It is also possible for you to answer call easily.

#4 SoundBot SB510 HD Bluetooth

SoundBot SB510If your wireless speaker is too old because of using 2.0 Bluetooth, you can change your device with SoundBot SB510. It carries Bluetooth 3.0 technology that can support your activities while having a bath in your bathroom. It is a speaker that is designed to be very simple, solid, and light and also waterproof. It is made like that to fulfill the need of the device as the waterproof speaker. It can be stacked around the bathroom as you want. It can be your solution of hearing music and answering telephone when you are having bathtub. It will also function well when you are showering yourself. It has high definition Bluetooth connectivity that will not reduce the voice quality. You can also get universal compatibility such as from music player, iPod, Smartphone and so on. All the sides of this HD speaker are also waterproof so that you can use it as you wish.

#5 POLAROID PBT621WH Universal Bluetooth Speaker

POLAROID PBT621WThe shape and the form of speakers are not needed to be always rounded. You can find that POLAROID PBT621WH is appearing square. It is a speaker that is very beautiful and attractive. Some buttons are also reachable and clearly seen as well. It is a Bluetooth speaker that is supported with mic. You can use this speaker right for any devices that has Bluetooth connectivity. It is priced around $19.99. The sound quality that will be produced in this speaker is really interesting. You can enjoy high definition audio with all its impressive design. The newest Bluetooth technology makes the devices has wide range of Bluetooth signal acquisition. You can even put your favorite music when enjoying rainfall shower pressure without having any trouble. One advantages of this device is that you can carry it everyone you want. It has suction cup features that make you possible to stick the speaker on any tile or wall that are wet. Placing it on the mirror or shower panels will also be available.

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