Best Shower Kits Reviews 2015 for Various Bathroom Needs

Shower kits are the best bathroom elements that can be installed in an instant. By using the appropriate shower kits design and appearance, you can have your impressive bathroom without needed too long time. It is your new way of making new bathroom especially for a totally new home. We know that having comfortable bathroom shower is a dream of everyone. If you want, you can take a look at some best shower kits that are produced by some companies. All the options are available in various style, size, design and even color availability. It is free for you to select the final appearance of shower kit for your bathroom decoration.

Best shower kits comparison list

DreamLine Prime 34 FramelessDreamLine Prime 34 Frameless Sliding Shower EnclosureNA36 Inch36 Inch
DreamLine Solo 31DreamLine Solo 31 Frameless Sliding Shower Enclosure5.033 Inch33 Inch
DreamLine Infinity-Z ShowerDreamLine Infinity-Z Shower4.036 Inch32 Inch
OVE Breeze 34 withwallsOVE Breeze 34 withwalls Premium 34-Inch Shower Kit3.834 inch34 Inch
OVE Breeze-36OVE Breeze-36 withwalls Premium 36-Inch4.038 Inch36 inch
OVE Breeze-38OVE Breeze-38 withwalls Premium 38-Inch4.238 Inch38 inch
Sterling Plumbing 72100100-0Sterling Plumbing 72100100-0 Ensemble Shower Kit5.036 inch34 inch
Sterling Plumbing 2375-42N-G05Sterling Plumbing 2375-42N-G05 Solitaire Neo AngleNA360inch30 inch

What is Shower Kits

Before installing great shower kits, you have to know what a shower kit is for first. It is such a prefabricated shower room that is in the form of large sized cubic. It can be placed and installed anytime you want to. Once you are ordering the shower kit, it will be delivered to your home and ready to be added to your bathroom. Most of the shower kit are intended for all new home built. For the home that are redecorated or redesigned, they sometimes choose shower kit that are needed to be assembled for first. The common type is seamless one piece shower kit.

Advantages of Shower Kits

So, why do people want to install their shower kits? It happens because this stuff can give some advantages for all of the users or customers. This is one of the home elements which are easy to install. You will not need any complicated steps to apply the kits in your bathroom. It is easier and faster to fulfill your showering needs. It is also cheaper than any tiled shower room that is built manually. Besides that, you will find also that these kits are easier to clean, it is your best option to hold a private DIY bathroom design elements.

Review of Best 5 Shower Kits

#1 OVE Breeze-36 Kits

OVE Breeze-36Acrylic based shower kits are always interesting. There are a lot of advantages you can get from this material of shower kits. One of the best acrylic based shower kits is OVE Breeze-36. It is a shower kit which has clear glass sliding door. The presence of this sliding door is really helpful in improving bathroom aesthetic. This kit is also giving you some impressive offer. It is all contained on the features of the kits. You can make sure that you are getting a premium shower kit that has acrylic base and walls. It is something which is interesting from these kits. It has certification from CSA that proofs that the kit has great quality, durability as well as its function. The shower door is also reversible so that it gives you multiple flexibilities during entering and getting out from the kit. The manufacturer is also providing beautiful clear glass as its alternative option.

#2 DreamLine Prime Shower Enclosure

DreamLine Prime 34The next nominee of best shower kits for this year is given for DreamLine Prime 34. It is one of the DreamLine products which is made with full of planning and precision. It can be directly seen from the final appearance and the design of this shower kits. It is belong to a frameless sliding shower enclosure that is wanted by many people. Most of the home decorators are deciding these kits as the shower of minimalist bathroom, contemporary bathroom and also to provide more facilities ion small sized bathroom. The price that you need to purchase in bringing this shower kit home is $1,113.21 only. It is a good idea to buy this kit because it offers tons of advantages. It has great size and dimensions which is also supported with high quality material. The presence of clear tempered glass and some of its chrome finish are gaining luxurious impact properly.

#3 DreamLine Infinity-Z Slide Shower

DreamLine Infinity-ZYou will be amazed in the first sight of seeing DreamLine Infinity-Z. It is an infinity shower kits that give you a pretty ideal appearance for the bathroom design. There are almost no lining that is contained around. All you will get is a clear glass with some white background instead. It is your key to perform modern, minimalist and also futuristic bathroom design. The price of this shower kit is around $1,185.70. Well, it is pretty affordable because the features are also very rich. You can have frameless glass design which is supported with certified tempered glass. It is also supported with width adjustability that can be used to fill up your empty spaces in bathroom. Some available elements are the towel bar, door walk in and also the stationary panel. It gives you practical way in managing your bathing stuff. It also provided with shower base that is supported by using fiberglass reinforcement.

#4 OVE Breeze-34-withwalls Premium 34-Inch Kit

OVE Breeze-34This is one of the shower kits that shaped differently with the other shower kits that are available on the market. The edges of this shower kit is little bit rounded so that it performs high dynamically. This is the OVE Breeze-34, a shower kit that is supported with acrylic base and some clear glass door availability. It is one of the shower kits that are awaited by the minimalist home decorator. It happens because it has almost no lining. The presence of no line will make the room appear wider. In the other hand, it also give you some available features that are incredible such as the reversible shower door, beauty clear glass design and also its tempered glass with 6mm of thickness. You can buy this product with only $958.99. This price is considered to be cheap because the other clear glass shower are having higher price that this one.

#5 Sterling Plumbing Solitaire Neo Angle

Sterling Plumbing 2375-42N-G05If the curved shaped shower kits are bored, you can have some alternative choice from the diamond shaped shower kits. One best product that you need to know is Sterling Plumbing 2375-42N-G05. It is your best option to reveal ideal shower kits without curved glass. Well, it might be an old-school idea; however, it is still applicable for some home design. The unique appearance can be one of the advantages that you can get. It priced for about $839 only so that you can afford it’s for sure. Some features that can make you feel luck are the presence of easy to clean elements. Of course it can reduce your efforts in creating better shower kit appearance for your beautiful home. It does not stop in there; you can also get the CleanCoat technology that will make some barrier between water and glass. It makes your shower door looks so fresh and new as before.

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