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Showering is one of the most favorite activities in the bathroom. Shower will gain multiple benefits for your body as well. People love to do shower because of some reasons. The basic reasons are because shower is really comfortable. You can enjoy the falling water that has a very high pressure. It can replace the expensive massage engine that you can buy. Just by using shower, you can enjoy a very comfortable bathing experience. People who are having small spaces ion their home is also considering to replace the bathtub with best shower panels. It will make the space functioned well than just using the bathtub.

Top shower panels list

Blue Ocean Stainless Steel Shower PanelBlue Ocean Stainless Steel59 inch5.0$$$
Blue Ocean 52 Stainless Steel SPV878392HBlue Ocean 52 Stainless Steel SPV878392H52 inch4.8$$$
Blue Ocean 52 Stainless Steel SPV962332Blue Ocean 52 Stainless Steel SPV96233252 inch4.9$$$$$
AKDY 787392B 52 Tempered Glass Aluminum Rain StyleAKDY 787392B 52 Tempered Glass Aluminum Rain Style51 inch4.5$$$
Blue Ocean 48 Stainless Steel SP824322Blue Ocean 48 Stainless Steel SP82432248 inch4.7$$
AKDY AZ-8863 63 Chrome Stainless Steel RainfallAKDY AZ-8863 63 Chrome Stainless Steel Rainfall57 inch4.6$$$
Blue Ocean 52 Aluminum SPA33DBlue Ocean 52 Aluminum SPA33D52 inch4.7$$$
Fresca Bath FSP8006BG Verona Stainless Steel ThermostaticFresca Bath FSP8006BG Verona Stainless Steel Thermostatic60 inch4.9$$$$$
Decor Star 004-SS Stainless Steel RainfallDecor Star 004-SS Stainless Steel Rainfall68 inch4.4$$$

What is Shower Panels

There are a lot of advantages that you can get from shower panels. However, it is better to know what this stuff exactly. It is a new way of shower area that will give highlight from shower area. This is a kind of bathroom elements that are commonly installed individually. It is unlike the bathtub that should be planned since the first bathroom making. You can apply the panels every time you want. All you need to do is just to prepare the space and water pipe as a water source. If these items are ready, you can have all new shower area in your beautiful bathroom.

Advantages of Shower Panels

You can enjoy many advantages of shower panels for sure. These advantages will gain maximization of bathroom space. It is very effective to convert your small space into an awesome shower area. It also gains incredible result for the bathroom finish. The floor, wall siding and also the entire shower area are pretty comfortable and clean. You can also get the reasonable price here. It is cheaper to use well-made bathroom panels than just built it manually. Although the durability is different, it will be your most instant way of applying a comfortable shower area in your dream bathroom design.

Reviews of the Top 5 Shower Panels

#1 Decor Star 004-SS Rainfall Shower Panel

Decor Star 004-SSAdding shower panel rain to the bathroom is a great thing to do. Using Decor Star 004-SS will give you impressive result as well. It is such a panel rain massage system that will gain incredible bathing sensation for your daily activities. The price of these bathroom elements is $299.95. It seems so reasonable because the entire material of these panels is very luxurious. You can have a pretty amazing bathing comfort through this kind of shower. This is a shower panel which is durable and very elegant. You can enjoy the entire stainless steel frame and construction in this device. There is some function that is available to be used. Total amount of function is 4 consisting Rainfall, Waterfall, Message Spray, Horizontal and also the hand shower features. It is also completed with the presence of 50 rainfall nozzles. Additionally, it has 100 horizontal spray massage nozzles that you can use.

#2 Blue Ocean Stainless Steel Shower Panel 52 inch

Blue Ocean 52inchAre you the fans of bluish theme? It is your time to bring ocean sensation to your bathroom. One of the ways is by installing Blue Ocean 52″ instead of your shower panels. This is a shower panels that works impressively. It has multiple functions that turn every element to be your benefits. It begins by the high quality materials that are contained inside. You will have strong frame of construction which is so high. It makes your small bathroom looks higher. The stainless steel is also provided with blue tempered glass surface instead. It provides amazing bathing experience for sure. You can also enjoy the temperature display on this stuff. It can give you freedom in adjusting the hot water amount to be used. It has 8 nozzles that all are producing Jet water spray. Options to use rainfall shower head are also available. You are even offered to possess multifunction handheld shower head and spout as well.

#3 AKDY Tempered Glass Shower Panel

AKDY Tempered GlassYou must know that AKDY is really productive in making home utilities for the society. Almost all of their products are having impressive responses from the customers. Now this manufacturer is coming with AKDY Tempered Glass. It is such a luxurious shower panel that is sold for $259.00 of price. You can enjoy multi features that are contained in these shower elements. Most of them are having spacious performance as well. It happens because there are 4 setting handheld shower that you can use. Then you can also receive 8 multi-functional Nozzles LED that are available to improve your productivity. It has a temperature display that can give you extra comfort in take a bath. The whole materials used are having incredible quality. The glasses are fog proof so you can use it the entire time of your bathing. You can also find that all the functions work independently.

#4 Blue Ocean 52″ SPV962332 Reviews

Blue Ocean SPV962332Bringing in the ocean color to bathroom will improve the peace and atmosphere inside. You can have so many advantages from these features as well. It is thermostatic shower panels that are supported with adjustable nozzle and also incredible tub spout head. Because it has rich function, it is very reasonable if the devices is priced $459.00. This is a price for all the features that are contained in the shower. You can also see that this shower panels are pretty impressive, especially in producing water spray. It can produce high powered water spray with minimum water outcome. Type of shower head that you can uses are also various. Blue Ocean SPV962332 feature starts from rainfall showerhead at the top side of the panels, then followed by the multi-functional handheld shower head and also the special designed spout for the shower panels. These facilities will help you very much in managing high quality bathing as well.

#5 AKDY Stainless Steel Shower Panel Specs

AKDY AZ-8863It is such an old school idea to install a shower head on the wall. It will be complicated if you are using multiple version of shower head at once. However all the showering needs can be more practical if you are using AKDY AZ-886 as the solution? It is a shower panel that delivers high aesthetic effects for your bathroom interior. The shower is built by using high quality stainless steel that comes with multi-function shower head type as well. You can enjoy the presence of polished chrome that appears like mirror. It gives you more advantages in enjoying all your showering needs. There are two rain heads that give you wider body coverage. You can even turn on the massage jets to get stronger pressure from the water. All these shower functions are made separately and also functioned simultaneously. Just grab the items that fit your bathroom most and start enjoying new shower experience.

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