Best Shower Head Reviews Based On Some Different Types

Shower and bathtub are two important things for bathroom. With those bathroom equipment we could clean and refresh our body easily. Shower comes in various types and assorted shower heads. Some shower heads are small and simple while the others have modern style and huge size. No matter what kind of shower you want for your master bathroom, make sure you pick one that has the best shower head. Adjust the design of the best shower head with your bathroom interior design, this makes your bathroom looks more magnificent and impressive. Now, let us see some types of shower head you could choose for your bathroom.

The Different Types of Shower Heads

As we have seen above, bathroom shower head comes in assorted types. There is wall mounted shower head, top mounted shower head, handheld shower head, and sliding bar shower head.

#1 Wall Mounted Shower Heads

The first mentioned shower head, wall mounted shower head, is a shower head that’s ‘planted’ or mounted to the wall of shower. The standard wall mounted shower head usually is adjustable. We can adjust the direction of our shower’s water spray by moving the neck of that wall mounted shower head. Now, there are lots of wall mounted shower heads come with unique designs and styles. Let us see one of them below.

Speakman S-2005-HBSpeakman has a popular shower head called Speakman S-2005-HB. This Speakman S-2005-HB Hotel Anystream high pressure adjustable shower head will make your bathroom likes a bathroom of five starred hotels. The price of this Speakman S-2005-HB is not expensive at all. But this small and cheap shower head will really make you feel like you’re bath in a five starred hotel’s bathroom when you’re using this shower head. Speakman adds the Anystream 360 sophisticated technology to their Speakman S-2005-HB. You’re able to adjust this shower head to experience the flooding gentleness when you need to relax your body. Or you can get a comfortable massage from different setting on this shower head. The 360 technology allows you to rotate this shower head’s lever in 360 degrees instead of twisting the shower head. This shower head also needs low maintenance since it has self cleaning nozzles technology. Besides, Speakman S-2005-HB is also made from high quality plastic that’s light in weight.

#2 Ceiling Mounted Shower Heads

What about the ceiling mounted shower head? This is a shower head that’s designed to be planted on the ceiling right over the shower of our bathroom. Nowadays, there are thousands styles of ceiling mounted shower head available. Some styles are simple but modern. The others are so luxurious and classy. There are hundreds manufacturer providing high quality ceiling mounted shower head. Now, let us see the sample of ceiling mounted shower heads, the American Standard 1660.682.002 ceiling mounted shower head.

American Standard 1660.683.002American Standard 1660.683.002 Showerhead is a modern ceiling mounted shower head that has ten inches diameter. This shower head has a modern style that goes well with minimalist and modern bathrooms. American Standard 1660.683.002 comes in several options including polished brass, satin nickel, polished chrome, blackened bronze, or stainless steel. This modern shower head allows you to enjoy the gentle rainfall water spray that spoils your body with smooth water spray. If you’re used to work so hard every day and you want a massage from your shower head in the afternoon or evening, this American Standard 1660.683.002 offers the steady rain fall water spray that will comfort you when you stand up under this ceiling mounted shower head. The modern design of this American Standard Showerhead blends flawlessly with any interior décor of a bathroom. Why should we consider this modern showerhead? This showerhead has a great dependability and durability, a nice choice for our bathroom shower.

#3 Hand Held Shower Heads

Next type of shower heads is the hand held shower head. This shower head is designed to be held by our hand when we’re using it. Usually, there will be a wall mounted holder for this hand held shower head that allows us to place this shower head after using it. Hand held shower head is a nice choice for families who live with elderly and children. The user of this shower head is allowed to move the shower head to clean any part of his body unlike the wall mounted shower head and ceiling mounted shower head that’s permanent and can’t be moved.

Ana Bath SS5450CCPOne of many hand held shower heads you can consider for your bathroom is the Ana Bath SS5450CCP. This shower head has combo system that gives great experience in showering without using any tool. There is no need to use screwdrivers, wrenches, or power tool to install this Ana Bath SS5450CCP since this shower head is really to install. This shower head also has water saver technology that allows you to bath with this shower without worrying about the water bill. Besides, Ana Bath SS5450CCP also has five water spray options including saturating, bubbling, saturating and massage, saturating and bubbling, also massage spray. The price of this Ana’s shower head is low. With the low price and its classy look, this Ana’s shower head becomes a magnificent choice for your bathroom. This shower head is also adjustable. Unfortunately, the hose of this Ana Bath SS5450CCP can be so hard for us to clean.

#4 Rain Shower Heads

Another shower head type we’re going to discuss here is rain shower head. This type of shower heads is the best one for most do it yourselfers since this shower head can be mounted or installed in very easy steps. Ideal size of rain shower head is between eight to fourteen inches wide. This special rain shower head offers steady raindrop water spray to our head. Rain shower head itself is available in two versions, wall mounted rain shower head and ceiling mounted shower head. This shower head comes in various unique shapes, some of them are even completed with lighting, make your bathroom looks more unique.

Moen S6320Now, we’re going to share a review about Moen S6320 rain shower head. Moen S6320 is a rain shower head that has round shape and eight inches diameter. This rain shower head has two functions and wonderful technology. Moen S6320 rain shower head is also completed with technology of self-pressurizing; this technology has more water spray power up to three times. It means this technology lets you to get more power when you need to rinse your body with it. The two functions provided by this Moen S6320 rain shower head is the rain shower and the concentrated rinse. Moen gives warranty for this product. So when you find something wrong with this shower head, let the Moen knows the problem and they’ll fix it for you. Moen S6320 shower head comes in some options like oil rubbed bronze, brushed bronze, antique bronze, also brushed nickel, as well as chrome.

#5 LED Shower Heads

If you’re looking for a shower head that’s not only able to relax your body but is also able to perfect the appearance of your bathroom, LED shower head is the most recommended choice for you. LED shower head is a shower head that’s equipped with sophisticated LED technology. This technology makes the water spray that comes out of the shower head looks colored. What’s your favorite color? Pick an LED shower head that has your favorite color LED technology in it and you’ll never get bored to shower with your favorite colored water comes out from your shower head.

MagicShowerhead SH1026For example, there is MagicShowerhead SH1026 LED shower head that comes with fascinating features. This shower head is not only having beautiful style and look, but is also having great performance that makes this shower head fits modern bathroom. One of this MagicShowerhead SH1026’s features is its various colors. Make your shower looks awesome by installing this MagicShowerhead SH1026 that has sensational and romantic technology like the seven different colors in one shower head. In one shower head, you’ll get seven LED colors including blue, purple, orange, yellow, red, green, and white. There is external power source needed to fade the seven colors of this LED shower head since this LED shower head doesn’t need a motor or battery to power it. This MagicShowerhead SH1026 only needs water pressure as its power to change the seven colors of LED. This LED shower head has a wonderful feature: low water consumption, enjoy your shower in a beautiful and stunning bathroom without worrying about your energy and water bills.

#6 Shower Heads with Speaker

Do you love singing in the shower? Everybody does. If you can’t stop singing while showering, you can consider using shower heads with speaker. What is it? Shower head with speaker is a unique and modern shower head that has impressive technology. This shower head with speaker lets you play your favorite music in the shower while you’re showering your body. The speaker of shower heads with speaker is equipped with wireless technology. Play your favorite songs on your phone after connecting the phone to the shower heads with speaker. The sounds come out of the speaker are so clear and clean.

KOHLER K-9245-CPIf you really love singing, you must have and install a KOHLER K-9245-CP 2.5 GPM Moxie Showerhead. This shower head is completed with a wireless speaker. The wireless speaker in the middle of this KOHLER K-9245-CP shower head allows us to play any audio files like news in audio or music playlists from our gadget to accompany us when we’re showering. This KOHLER K-9245-CP has Bluetooth technology that lets us to connect its speaker with MP3 players, laptops, smart phones, and tablets. You’re allowed to place your gadget up to thirty two feet away from this KOHLER K-9245-CP shower head and the speaker will distribute clear sounds that are received from your gadget. The speaker of this shower head is water resistant so there is no need to worry about its durability. This speaker is rechargeable. Just pop this speaker out of the shower head to charge it and pop it into the showerhead to use it again.

#7 Chlorine Filtering Shower Heads

Some people need special shower head since they are used to get sick because of their daily shower. If you got sick because of your daily shower, you may need to use chlorine filtering shower head. This special shower head is equipped with filter technology that’s designed to filter the water and clean it from chlorine before the water is delivered to the nozzle and touch our body. If probably you got sick because of the chlorine contained by the water delivered by your shower, this special edition chlorine filtering shower head is the most recommended shower head for you.

Culligan WSH-C125Culligan WSH-C125 Filtered shower head is one of plenty chlorine filtering shower heads you can seriously consider. This chlorine filtering shower head is wall mounted shower head that has big filter capacity, up to ten thousand gallon. There is no tool required to mount this Culligan WSH-C125 shower head to the shower wall, so this is the best shower head for do it yourselfers. Besides the special filtering feature, this Culligan WSH-C125 shower head also comes in five water spray settings, complete with massage. Don’t worry about the durability of this shower head. The manufacturer offers five year warranty for this shower head. Culligan WSH-C125 shower head is not only able to reduce the chlorine that’s contained by water but is also able to damage the scale buildup to provide softer shower. Install this chlorine filtering shower head that’s so light in weight easily in few minutes and enjoy the healthier shower every day.

#8 Novelty Shower Heads

Today, there are lots of novelty shower heads come with unique shapes and designs for both kids and adults. For example, there is microphone shaped shower head, phone shaped shower head, and also various cute shaped shower heads for children. Those attractive novelty shower heads are designed to beautify our bathroom interior decor. Besides, the cute shower heads with cartoon characters for example, are designed to make your kids’ bathroom looks stunning so that your children won’t be too lazy for shower. Below is a review of various cute novelty shower heads for kids. Hope this review can help you find the best shower head for your children’s bathroom.

Rinse Ace 3901Rinse Ace has a cute product for your kids; it is the Rinse Ace 3901. This unique shower head has some special features. First feature is this shower head can be connected to the existing shower head easily and quickly. The height of this Rinse Ace 3901 shower head is also adjustable; you can adjust the height of this shower head with the height of every kid.