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Hygiene is an important thing. We clean our body everyday so we can enjoy our activities each time. We begin our day taking a bath so we can confidently face the world. We also take a bath after we finish work to refresh out body after working all day. Taking a bath could be as well becomes a therapy to get rid of your fatigue after having tiring activities. Well, maybe you are thinking about increasing your quality bath time. You may want something new instead of just using a bath tub. We will introduce you to a new way of having great bathing time sensation by using best double shower head.

Top dual showerheads list

Zoe First Mate Double Shower Head SystemZoe First Mate Double ShowerHead SystemSide by side$$5.0
Sportsheets Dual ShowerheadSportsheets Dual ShowerheadSide by side$4.5
Dual Showerhead Bar with Jet Shower Heads
Dual Showerhead Bar with Jet ShowerHeads
Side by side$4.5
GROHE Freehander Dual Head Shower SystemGrohe Freehander Dual HeadShower SystemDouble stack$$$$$4.5
Ana Bath 5inch  5 Function Handheld and Showerhead ComboAna Bath 5" 5 Function Handheld and Showerhead ComboCombination$$4.5
Speakman Alexandria Anystream Dual Shower Head ComboSpeakman Alexandria Anystream Dual ShowerHead ComboCombination$$$$4.5
Waterpik Combination ShowerheadWaterpik Combination ShowerheadCombination$3.5
Waterfall by ConservCo Multnomah Showerhead Combo-PackWaterfall by ConservCo Multnomah Showerhead Combo-PackCombination$3.9

What Is Double Shower Head

Maybe you’re wondering about what shower head is. Shower head with double head is a shower that consisting two separate heads. This type of shower is designed with a split arm or handled shower combined with a wall fixed shower. When you turn on the shower, the water will stream from two different heads. It will surely give you a new sensation experience when taking a shower. The water that flow from this type of shower will give you twice of the power than the regular shower (up to 2.5 gallons per minute). It is a great alternative for fatigue therapy because of the high pressure sensation this shower gives.

Advantages of Double Shower Head

Double shower head will surely bring you a lot of advantages. This type of shower has two heads that gives you twice amount of water in a little time than the regular one. You don’t have to worry about wasting time in the shower when you wake up late or are in a rush. One of any other advantages by using this type of shower is double head can be used for two people, it is useful whether for a mother who bathing her kid or for a couple to keep a romantic life. The high pressure from this shower head will also give you better feeling, press up your skin, hair and remove fatigue.

Reviews of 5 Best Double Showerheads

#1 Zoe First Mate

First Mate Double Shower Head SystemYou can get a new bathing experience without being pricey. Surprisingly, Zoe First Mate is absolutely affordable for anyone’s pockets. This standard of side-by-side type starts at $ 68. This double head’s shower is designed with simple chrome and nickel. This design surely will match with any bathroom décors and gives an absolute classy look. The spray of this shower is adjustable. You can set it up whatever you like. With 4 spray shower heads, you can enjoy the pleasure by letting the pressure to remove away your fatigue, ease your back pain or as a therapy after an exhausting day. This First Mate Double Shower Head System is designed with its two shower heads mounted on ball joints, it lets you swivel the shower head according your needs. The water that flows from this shower head is gentle, some people may complain about the water pressure that feels a little low when they use this type of double shower head.

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#2 Sportsheets

For another low budget double shower head that can give you an amazing bathing time quality, we introduce to Sportsheets. This double head is also available at such a really affordable price. You can own a Sportsheets Dual Shower by paying only for around $35. You can straightly install this at your home and feel the sensation that it brings. Sportsheets Dual Shower is side-by side double shower that will allow you to enjoy your shower time perfectly. It is also useful when you use it with your partners without being distracted in your shower time. This double head shower is multi- setting and adjustable too, you can determine the power of the water spray according to your own. The low price Sportsheets Dual Shower will be a great idea for a startup if you are still not sure about changing your regular shower head into double shower head.

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#3 The Grohe Freehander

Grohe 27007000 Freehander Shower SystemAnother best double shower head this year is Grohe 27007000 Freehander. The Grohe Freehander has a different and unique design than the two previous double shower head. Instead of side-by-side shower head arrangement, this one is designed in a stacked system, which means the type of shower is designed with an inside head and an outside head. This concept will give you a new different sensation than the usual one. Grohe 27007000 Freehander Dual Head Shower is a combination of body spray and a shower head which functionally into one unit by designing two shower head onto one pivoting arm. You can definitely save some space by installing Grohe Freehander. This type of double shower head may be good for your space, but it surely is not good for your wallet. Grohe 27007000 Freehander is still really pricy. It is sold startup at around $379. At least it is still cheaper than renovating the whole bathroom which needs more budgets.

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#4 Ana Bath 5inch

Ana Bath SS5450CBN 5 Inch 5 Function Handheld ShowerAna Bath SS5450CBN 5inch with 5 Function Showerhead and Handheld Combo is a combination style of double showerhead that offers you a fixed head and a handheld shower head. You can choose whether to use a handheld or a fixed showerhead when you are taking a bath. You can even share your shower with your partner. The double shower head of Ana Bath 5inch is totally adjustable. You can set up each shower head in almost all direction according to your need when you are taking a shower. You can also increase the water pressure by changing the flow into just one shower head. It will sure relax your body after having a tiring day. Ana Bath SS5450CBN 5inch is designed with a 60-inch stainless steel hose. It is longer than the usual shower head hose. This shower head has a stylish modern design and are made from high-quality ABS plastic.

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#5 Speakman Alexandria Anystream

Speakman VS-123011 Alexandria Anystream Dual Shower Head ComboSpeakman VS-123011 Alexandria Anystream Dual Shower System is a popular and good quality double shower heads. This double head’s shower has a premium price but it surely offers a good technology of shower head that will never makes you regret. The Speakman Alexandria Anystream is good product for a family to share the shower. One of the family member may enjoy the permanent shower head meanwhile the other person may prefer the handheld one. But this product only allows you to use one shower head; you can only use a shower heads at a single time. Some people might not feeling satisfied with this feature. Well, you may want to fix it by considering swapping this double shower heads with a similar unit that allows you to use both shower heads at the same. Although, some people enjoy and appreciate this feature so much.

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