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When it is dark, light is pretty much needed. Light is important part of our life. Nowadays, many kind of light was found and created including LED. Actually this kind of light has been used in many areas. It could be in our television at home, screen at smartphone, even in our car. However, there is big idea when people start to make something different. It is LED system in bathroom. We don’t just install LED lamp for our main bathroom light. The new device that has LED is shower. For particular reason, we must know about LED on shower and the important thing is how we can get best LED shower head.

Best LED showerheads comparison list

Ana Bath 4inch  5 Function LED Handheld and Showerhead ComboAna Bath 4inch 5 Function LED Handheldsingle color blue$$4.0
LightInTheBox 8inch Temperature Sensitive Rainfall LEDLightInTheBox 8inch Temperature Sensitive Rainfall LEDTemperature sensitive$3.3
VDOMUS LED Color Changing Bar Light HandheldVDOMUS LED Color Changing Bar Light HandheldRainbow color cycle$4.8
10inch Rainfall 7 Color Changing LED10inch Rainfall 7 Color Changing LEDRainbow color cycle$4.1
Handheld 7 color LED shower headHandheld 7 color LED shower headRainbow color cycle$3.2
MagicShowerhead 7 LED Color FadingMagicShowerhead 7 LED Color FadingRainbow color cycle$3.8
LED Color Changing ShowerheadLED Color Changing ShowerheadRainbow color cycle$4.1

What is LED Shower Head

There is no such scientific-type definition in LED shower. People care about functionality, design, and performance. Even though LED system isn’t new technology. What make is so unique and deserve attention is LED capability to take part on our bathroom, especially shower device. Generally, LED shower head is use LED lamp to create stunning shower head. With this device, our bathroom looks elegant and flashy. When water comes out from top of shower, attractive light goes on. To make simple explanation, we can imagine about various color mini lamp at Christmas tree. Therefore, some high-end LED system uses water as energy. It is one of benefit economically, beside several other benefits.

Advantages of LED Shower Head

Before go buy this stylish light, consideration is required. People may get easily attach for something attractive in design. However, they must know the advantages of LED shower head. We count what our main advantages for using it. Let’s take a look at technology point of view. This system use water as electrical energy. Although it seems small matter compare to other advantages such modern design, flashy light, color combination, or any aesthetics benefit. It affects directly to our bathroom installation. We can save electrical usage and avoid accident. It’s time to think beyond what it looks outside because LED in shower is used by smart people.

Reviews of Top 5 LED Showerheads

#1 Ana Bath LED 5 function

Ana Bath LSS5430CCPPeople attitude can be predicted easily. They want to get the best at most. Their first eyesight set on top of the list, especially first place. When LED shower is something that they want, Ana Bath LSS5430CCP 4 inch has good spot. Its specification has the most what everyone wanted. It is built with stainless steel and can do combo system. It is like screen on phone. Without any tool, we change our taste of LED shower, then save it. As high-tech device, it doesn’t use battery or electricity. Water makes LED light shine bright and elegant. The only thing that we do is make adjustment at digital panel. We like more bright color, Ana Bath answer it, even complicated color combination. Beside main function as shower head, this product can do many things that we eager to know. It can spray, bubbling, and saturating. Furthermore, the most excellent part is diverter mount that has 3 different ways.  Read more here user reviews and compare prices

#2 Lightinthebox temperature sensitive

Ouku 8 Inch SingleOne of top LED shower head is lightinthebox 8inch rainfall. It can be our best ingredient in bathroom accessories. It is like dishes with great flavour. We don’t want our bathroom plain without something that worth seeing and using. There are three main colors. These colors shine based on water temperature. System will let blue as water goes cold. It helpful for people wants to experience mountain water feeling. When blue one shine, it looks like waterfall in middle of jungle. We stand under this water and see stunning blue and gleam water covers our body. When temperature is 31° to 40° c, LED turns green. It represents nature. It is like balancing because water temperature is similar with body heat. As red light come, water put on 41° to 50° c. LED start flashing as warning because water too hot or beyond 50°c. The system is fully automatic. With just three colors, this LED shower can do amazing things. That’s why it puts on second place.  See more here user reviews and compare prices

#3 VDOMUS new LED with color changing

VDOMUS New LED multicolorBefore get more insight about the next LED shower head, there is interesting story for make up our mind. Two swords, one had sheath, other one didn’t have it. The sword without sheath was easily defeated. However, with sheath on it, people see this sword in many views. This is the reason why vdomus new LED is best choice for whom want to feel something uncertainty in elegant way. As sword use sheath to do some un-expecting moment, this LED shower can dazzle us. It has many colors. With best combination, something interesting will happen. The LED bring fantasy and romantic moment when water flow down to body. Beside many excellent features, this LED shower head is like the latest technology that doesn’t forget our human being personality. We can distract from rough daily duty and try to dig on our feeling. We do these in this interesting device. Our time and money spend in good.  Go more here user reviews and compare prices

#4 Happy shower 12

Happy Shower 12 Lights ColorPeople said don’t judge book from its cover or what is the meaning of name. Those wise proverb make us realizes that something great is more than what it looks. Even though the name of product is too flashy for some people, Happy Shower 12 isn’t just ordinary name. The name is embedded in super ordinary LED shower head. It has twelve colors that can make our bathroom turn in stunning room. For kids, it will perfectly attract their attention and help them to go bath. In other side, main objective of product isn’t just functionality. We can bring fun and happy atmosphere in bathroom when take shower. With many color combinations, our time at bathroom is our precious moment. It is because the product can be intended for kids. Safety put in top priority when use this product. We don’t want to ruin our moment for relaxing and cleaning because electrical shock or other unintended accident. These are why its name is happy.  Click more here user reviews and compare prices

#5 Luminextm air-turbo 7

LuminexTM Air-Turbo 7The last best LED shower head is luminextm air-turbo 7. It might be in last place but it has something that other LED shower don’t. Control system at panel has 24 colors mixing. We don’t get bored easily. Every time we want it, color alteration system serves our taste. Color blending is one of advantage that make this product deserves our time and money. With 7 blending’s option, water flow turns to be amazing and superb scenery. The blending creates special effect that can enhance bathroom light system. It can do in automatically changing or manual by hand. Other good part is turbo boost to control water pressure.  This system is provided in supercharged air-turbo. Manufacturer uses stainless steel to create this device. With adjustment system, we can put shower head as much as want. It improves mobility of product. Generally, quality and technology can be found in just one LED shower head. People must put this product on their list, if they want tech-looking device on bathroom.  Reveal more here user reviews and compare prices

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