Guide of Best Rain Shower Head Reviews 2015 Selection

Daily activities are something which is done continuously. All the home occupants are sometimes done the same thing with the same facilities. It happens because we are staying the same place. It is very important to maintain all the home facilities instead. One of the facilities that are considered to be very important is the shower head. It is a small thing which will give huge change in your daily life. When you have the most comfortable shower head, you will have your comfortable day without any doubt. You can select one between some best rain shower head that are available on the shower industry.

The Best rain shower heads for money

Moen S6320 Velocity RainshowerMoen S6320 Velocity Rainshower8 inch$$$4.8
Waterpik Drenching Rain Fall ShowerheadWaterpik Drenching Rain Fall Showerhead6 inch$4.5
Waterpik AquaScape Dual Mode Oval ShowerheadWaterpik AquaScape Dual Mode Oval Showerhead5 ¾ x 10 inch Oval$4.5
Hansgrohe Raindance Downpour AIR ShowerheadHansgrohe Raindance Downpour AIR Showerhead10 inch$$$4.8
Delta Touch-Clean Raincan ShowerheadDelta Touch-Clean Raincan Showerhead8 ¾ inch$$4.8
American Standard 10 Modern Rain Easy Clean ShowerheadAmerican Standard 8-Inch Rain Easy Clean Showerhead8 inch Round$$4.5
Delta Touch-Clean Raincan ShowerheadDelta Touch-Clean Raincan Showerhead8 inch Square$$$4.5
Grohe Rainshower Shower Head
Grohe Rainshower Shower Head
8 inch Round$$$$$4.7
American Standard 10 Modern Rain Easy Clean ShowerheadAmerican Standard 10" Modern Rain Easy Clean Showerhead10" Round$$4.1
Grohe Rainshower Shower HeadGrohe Rainshower Shower Head6 ¼ inch$$$4.4
KOHLER 8-Inch Contemporary Round Rain ShowerheadKOHLER 8-Inch Contemporary Round Rain Showerhead8 inch Round$$$$$4.8
ALFI 16-Inch Solid Round Ultra Thin Rain Shower HeadALFI 16-Inch Solid Round Ultra Thin Rain Shower Head16 inch$$$4.9

What is Rain Shower Head

Rain shower head is a kind of shower head type that has different shape with most of the shower head that are ever known. Most of the shower head are having purpose to make water flow spread into multi spots. This kind of shower head is basically has the same function as well as the other shower head. All you need to know about this shower is the difference with the other types of shower. The showers which are categorized as this type are mostly having wide size. It is made to make water flow wider. It is also purposed to create multiple spray.

Advantages of Rain Shower Head

So, with the special design of shower, this rain shower head must have some advantages. There must be a reason why this shower head is created. It will spread the water widely so that it can reach all the body parts. You will not need to move your body anymore in order to get the water flow. As it names, the water of this shower head will fall down just like rain. It will cover the entire area of your body. Indirectly, it will make your bathing activity is having better quality. You will not only have clean bathing but also more comfortable sensation.

The Reviews of the Top 5 Rainfall Showerheads

#1 Koko Brand Rain16 Solid Square

Koko Brand Rain16 16-inch Solid Square Ultra Thin RainWell, to begin the nominee of the best rain shower head in this year, you will need to see some specs on Koko Brand Rain16. This shower head has a unique form of shower head. If the common shower head design are having curved tip, this one has a flat board as the water flows area. The form of these shower head is Flat Square. This kind of shower head is really amazing because it has so many advantages for all its customers. You will have a futuristic and minimalist impression in this stuff. It is made totally with solid stainless steel material. It makes the shower looks pretty amazing. It also polished well with stainless steel finish. It is having mirrored look as well. It has square shape with 16 inches of wide. The thickness is also very thin because it is only 2mm. There will be a swivel adapter also that can give you option of directing the water flow of this shower head.

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#2 American Standard 10inch Easy Clean

American Standard 1660.683.002 10-Inch Modern Rain Easy CleanIf the previous review is talked about the square shaped shower head, now we are heading to discuss about one of the rounded shaped shower head that is very popular. The shape of this product is something that makes this shower head is easily recognized and also categorized as one of the best shower head ever. American Standard 10inch has some uniqueness that are unavailable in the other shower head type. This $120 shower price will have brass construction elements. This is one thing that makes the whole appearance of this stuff is really great. It is also followed with the arm and face, however it is sold separately. You can even use the other type of arm but it can reduce the unity of this shower appearance. You can have a very American style in this shower. It designed as well as most American people body size so that it can reach all the body part properly.

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#3 Hansgrohe Raindance Downpour AIR

Hansgrohe 27474001 Raindance Downpour AIRAnother rounded shower which is shaped so thin and impresses futuristic sensation is Hansgrohe Raindance Downpour. It is a shower head which is made to give full body coverage. This shower is sold around $348.40. The price is very high because this shower is made to fulfill premium needs. It has large shower head that is up to 9.375 inches of size. The water flow is adapting RainAir spray mode so that it can give the user most enjoyable bathing and shower experience. This is a kind of shower head design which is pretty impressive. It is fulfilled by the durable materials and elements. It also fulfilled with chrome plated spray disc which is more expensive and give ease in cleaning when the shower is clogged. One thing which you cannot find in the other shower head is the use of AirPower technology. It is a technology that will enrich water with air. It provides soft spray as a result.

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#4 Grohe Rainshower

Grohe 27135000 Rainshower 6.25 ShowerheadIf you feel that using thin shower heard is not match with your bathroom decoration, you can replace it with the thicker one. Well, it is Grohe 27135000 Rainshower. This shower is one that is supported by some marvelous features. Some of them are the presence of StarLight from Grohe. It will provide more aesthetic effects when you are turning on the light while bathing. Then, you will also receive new technology from Grohe namely DreamSpray technology. This kind of technology will give you a very comfortable spray to all your body coverage. The spray is also adjustable to form into several different types such as Rain, Jet, Champagne, and Laminar. You can also have SpeedClean anti-lime system that will make your bathing quality much higher than before. It is your key to enjoy new bathing sensation as well. The whole design, functions and also appearance are also beauty as you ever dream before.

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#5 Delta Touch Clean Raincan

Delta RP52382 Touch Clean Raincan Single-Setting ShowerheadSome full body coverage showers are having large sized of heads. Sometimes it will raise the atmosphere and decoration in your bathroom. Somehow, it can also reduce the performance of your decoration in bathroom, As an alternative, you can choose Delta RP52382 because its size is not too large as well as the other shower head that are available in the market. With only $68 you will get a shower head with single setting full body spray. It will also give you new features namely Touch-Clean spray face. The flow rate of this shower is also pretty huge because it is up to 2.5 gpm. It has lifetime warranty for the cover, its finish and so on. You will be satisfied in using this shower head because of multiple comforts that are offered by the maker. This shower can also coordinates properly with some Rizu bathing accessories series that are firstly launched.

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